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There have been so many times that I have awaken in the middle of the night and wanted to take a sleeping pill.  But at three in the morning, I know that there is not nearly enough time for me to take the sleeping pill and wake up feeling refreshed.  I would have to sleep right through the first half of work in order to wake up feeling somewhat refreshed.

Now there is a solution.  Midnight Sleep Aid can be taken at any time of the night to help you wake up refreshed.  I wonder how effective this product would be.  For example, would you be able to sleep all through the night if you took it at ten instead of at three?

What’s In Midnight Sleep Aid?

The National Sleep Foundation says that more people have a difficult time with waking in the middle of the night than people do who have a difficult time falling asleep at night.  Because of that, Midnight Sleep Aid was created for all those people who wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep.

Most people have agreed that Midnight Sleep Aid is a good short term solution.  It doesn’t really help you to stay asleep all night so it’s not the best choice if you need a sleep aid to fall asleep.  Some consumers have said that it doesn’t work at all although other consumers have seen some results after using Midnight Sleep Aid.

The ingredients in Midnight Sleep Aid that can help you sleep are melatonin, lavender, lemon balm, and chamomile.  Each of these ingredients has been shown to have an effect on sleep but melatonin may be the ingredient with the biggest impact.  Just the other day I realized that I was starting to feel sleepy earlier in the evening and it was harder to get up.  When I stopped to think about it, I realized that the reason for this is because it’s getting darker earlier.  Melatonin helps your body to recognize the change in light so that you can start to feel relaxed earlier and get ready to go to sleep.

Is Midnight Sleep Aid Safe?

Most of the people that have used Midnight Sleep Aid have reported feeling groggy in the morning after using it.  Part of that could be due to the time when you take the pill.  If you take it too late at night you probably won’t be able to wake up feeling refreshed.

How Much Is Midnight Sleep Aid?

To buy 30 doses of Midnight Sleep Aid you pay $12.95 which isn’t too much at all for a sleep aid.  But I wouldn’t even want to pay that little for a product that doesn’t work at all.  You can enroll in an autoship program if you’re interested.


There are few products that are designed specifically for people who have a hard time staying asleep at night.  It still takes a bit of time for you to fall back asleep but Midnight Sleep Aid may be able to help.  If you have sleep problems, however, you may want to try a sleeping pill at night to treat insomnia the whole night instead of waking up in the middle of the night.

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  1. Shelia 01/28/2013

    Midnight gave me horrible vivid scary nightmares. Tried it twice, never again. Wasted my money of this product.

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